Solar Panels – The solution or fad?

Cornwall Council claims that up to £1 Billion could be invested in Cornwall by means of photo-voltaic solar power. The Council claims it might expect up to 100 planning applications each with around £10m worth of investment.
Now that sounds all very nice, but is these solar farms really cost effective? From my understanding these panel attract some rather large Government Funding to make them cost effective. 
Will the landscape of Cornwall be changed with fields of glass reflecting the sunlight? Will that spoil the environment in a more visual way? There is no getting away that we need to do something about renewable energy. We can’t go on the way we are going without a fundamental change to energy and how it’s produced.
Why Cornwall again? We were told we had to have the turbines because of the wind in the south west, but now we have to have the solar panels as well? It’s all well and good in having these in Cornwall, but does it make our energy prices cheaper for those affected by these being placed in our area? Will those areas most affected by compensated? It did not happen for those affected by the turbines. Maybe a lesson learnt there. Maybe these companies should now have to put their hands in those deep pockets and give something back to the communities affected.
I feel that Cornwall is going to be used (yet again) for large companies jumping onto the vast profit bandwagon with the latest fad. I will admit that I am no expert on this type of energy, but neither was I when I first started to learn about turbines. I learnt about turbines by means of briefings, reading and doing research. I guess I will now have to do the same for this before I have to make a decision that will affect those people who live close to these new farms.
The last issue for thought is out of the possible £1 billion invested, how much of the profit will actually stay in Cornwall?  My guess (and I am willing to be proven wrong) is very little.


  • mrs mac

    1 BIG CON! the companies will continue to "rape" and blight our beautiful countryside and give NOTHING back to the local economy. they may create a few jobs in the short term, but lets be honest – who wants to have field upon field of shiny things? i would much prefer to see daffodils

  • Jason Williams

    Why couldnt we make use of the Clay areas, they are no doubt unsightly and although the former biggest employer in Cornwall is rectifying is extraction throughout the mid cornwall area, it opens and opportunity of using former pits etc to house alternative energy sources. Maybe this is an industry that we need to kick start our tourism led county.

  • anguslamond

    There are thousands of acres of suitably angled south facing roofs across The Duchy – they should be used for solar energy harvesting installations, not vast tracts of valuable agricultural land. Share the love(and the money!).

  • ZenHomeEnergy

    Solar panel systems have a bright future in the roofing industry and for home and building owners alike.

    Solar Panels

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