Solar Farm Gold Rush Over?

It looks like the Solar Farm gold rush is over with the announcement by the Government to cut the Feed in Tariff (FiT). The new tariffs will come in on the 1st August 2011 and are as follows:


  • >50 kW – ≤ 150 kW Total Installed Capacity (TIC) – 19.0p/ kWh
  • >150 kW – ≤ 250 kW TIC – 15.0p/ kWh
  • 250 kW – 5 MW TIC and stand-alone installations – 8.5p/ kWh

This is bad news for Cornwall Council because at a Cabinet meeting in October 2010, the Cabinet authorised the borrowing and spending of £14 million for a Council owned farm. I and other Councillors raised back then the concerns about the pending review, but it was brushed aside as no real concern. Now, with this announcement, it is of concern, especially if we are locked into any finance.

Furthermore, the mass rush to get planning permission before the deadline may now stop, as it will be almost impossible for any application to get planning and be up and running by the deadline.

Maybe now a lot of the high-grade farming land will now be retained and not turned into a Solar Farm.

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