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I have been getting a lot of questions about the 30 new social housing being built in Porthleven. I have been asked how someone goes about applying for one, and/or have people been assigned to them. After I have dealt with the questions I ask one simple one back. Have you completed the Homechoice application from Cornwall Council? In nine out of ten times they reply what’s that, or no.

In a lot of cases I am able to hand them an application form (as I normally have some close to hand). If not, I tell them to go to their nearest One Stop Shop, or they can apply online. I completed Homechoice myself online, and found it easy to use without much hassle.  I completed the whole process in about 10 minutes.

If you do want to be eligible for any type of social housing then you MUST fill in this form. If you don’t, then you stand no chance of even being considered. Below are the links to the online application.

Homechoice Info and the Application Form/Process

If you have any questions drop me a line or give me a call. Always happy to help out.


  • gilly

    Thanks for that post Andrew – I live in rented property which is, with Council Tax, about 70% of my meagre income! I have been meaning to get my act together and apply for social housing – this post has put me on the right track – cheers!

  • Richard Rayment

    Excellent, I'll spend a few hours of my life trying to fill this form in accurately one day. I don't actually want to go after one of theses houses in porthleven myself, as I already have accommadation here and would rather move nearer work in treliske.

    However being considered and actually getting a house are a different matter. There are currently according to the councils own information – 12000 applicants. That's twelve thousand people. All of whom could bid on these properties.

    To actually be in with a cat in hells chance of getting a home currently under this scheme, realistically you need to be classed as either a: Band A (Urgent Housing Need) or a Band B (High Housing Need) or at very worst A Band C (Medium housing need).

    Also need is dependent on the number of people applying. So a single person can only realistically ever apply for a single roomed house. However being that you are a single individual, unless your of pensionable age, you will be out of luck. Most single roomed council lets are only available to people over the age of 65.

    So who classes as what then?

    To be band A you must be one of the following:

    Exceptional Needs – I.E you are at risk of serious harm or death.
    Welfare – Applicants awarded an ‘urgent’ priority by the Welfare Assessment Panel. (which I take will be mostly non working benefit claimants)
    Adapted Property – Disabled Applicants
    Multiple Needs – You fulfill a number of the Band B criteria.

    To be band B – You must be of the following:

    Statutory Homeless (self explanatory)
    Welfare – Applicants awarded an ‘high’ priority by the Welfare Assessment Panel. (People who work and earn benefits)
    Lack of bedrooms – Only really applies if you have say, 5 people in a 3 bed house.
    Disrepair – Applicants living in private sector accommodation awarded a ‘high’ disrepair assessment by the Council’s Environmental Health department (i.e the house is missing a roof or may fall over).
    Move on – The applicant is formally accepted under the move-on quota scheme. (yeah, now I don't understand this one)
    Downsizing (2 people living in a 5 bed council let house)
    Redevelopment Programme – Where a social housing tenant residing in Cornwall is required to move permanently due to a redevelopment programme and wishes to apply for a move through the scheme
    Multiple needs – More than one band C criteria.

    I have a friend, a fellow hard working 'essential' class NHS worker, who doesn't earn enough to buy, or do a 'buy to let' and has no prospect of ever getting her own property. Currently she lets privately and she was rated a band D, only because she shares facilities. I, a single white hardworking male (again an 'essential' NHS worker) will at best get banded as a C by this scheme (because I live 24 miles from work) or at worst I will get banded a band E or better put by the councils terms – ‘nil’ priority. Thanks, what a way to look after your own hard working patrons CCC!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the instructions,are you saying youve applied for one of the houses yourself?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Hello anon, Not applied for anything as those houses are not ready. All I have done is completed the Homechoice forms to go on the housing list.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Hi Richard, Good points you raised there. The main problem is the lack of social housing. I feel there is just not enough being built. Also, in the past there was no provision for single persons who only need a one bed place. This is now being addressed when schemes are coming forward.

  • Anonymous

    I presume as youve completed the homechoices form that you havent voted on any social housing application and have declared an interest.?

  • Anonymous

    These houses were approved against the wishes of local people who will have to live with the noise and danger on the roads,as a protestor against this over development I attended the town council meeting and I dont remember you mentioning you were on the waiting list?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    To both last Anons (especially the last anon), I have only just completed the forms, so why would I declare an interest on something that was decided over 8 months ago? You dont declare an interest on something that has not happened! Also, how can I be on a waiting list if I never completed any forms.

    As for the other point on who was against. Yes people objected. They were those who already had social housing. I worked to get restrictions to timings and the such, so it was less disturbance. In fact the only objectors were from those houses.

    If the Town Council had listened to a few protesters when the first phase was about to be built, you would not be living in those houses. Would you still be as happy? Would you be happy if we listened to those protesters and did not build the first phase?

    Is it then fair that now you have a house others in Porthleven should not have the same chance? I doubt you know how hard it is to get the money to build any social housing? Its very difficult.

    Think of it like this, another 30 houses are going to be built for those local people who are in need. I think (and many others do) think its great that this money is spent here, and not in Helston or other places.

  • Cathy

    To the anon poster, I am not sure if you have read the Cornwall Homechoice application, or even registered yourself, but it is not soley for applying to rent social housing but also to rent garages and BUY affordable housing such as shared ownership.

    Before accusing Councillor Wallis of applying soley for the purpose of applying to rent a social housing property at this development, please consider the wider picture here.

    Why is it always the ill-educated and those already in social housing who moan and protest against things that a) will improve areas by increasing income from increased trade b) create more jobs in the housing industry which is currently suffering. Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

    I think you are a few fries short of a happy meal

  • Anonymous

    It staggers me that people think that they are entitled to a house paid for by the state. We need to change the attitude that we are all owed something. Once we get rid of the spongers the really needy can be dealt with properly.

  • Anonymous

    I have applied for one of these houses, I'm in band A, but I know I won't have a chance simply because I don't have a strong enough local connection to Porthleven, despite being born a mere 2 miles from the development – wrong side of the parish boundary means my family aren't local enough!

    My daughter suffers from a condition where her spine failed to fuse properly around her spinal cord, leaving her with a list of problems. She desperately needs a home with room for equipment, but these houses will go to people who do not need the houses as much, but were born in the right place. I know this as we came first on the bidding for the property we were after, but this doesn't consider local connection.

    For the record, I'm a time-served tradesman who had to give up work to care for my daughter and strongly dislike being accused of being a sponger.

    I hope those that do get a property consider how lucky they are, we are a priority welfare case, but anyone with a local connection trumps us. I appreciate local people need the housing, but being overlooked due to being born just the wrong side of an imaginary line does grate! I feel the homechoice system fails those in most need in this regard.

    I also think the general populace of Porthleven need to get real and realise that for the next generations to be able to stay, such developments are needed. Enough of the houses are empty there now due to second home ownership. Short of seizing those houses, new ones are needed or the place'll end up a ghost town.

    And why shouldn't people be allowed to rent from the state?? It works for a lot of countries in Europe. Home ownership is a very British idea, but its also a very 80's idea. In the current climate its a pipe dream, so don't belittle those that want to be able to live without paying out extortionate rental fees.

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