Snow Snow Snow

Well I said at the beginning of the week it was going to be busy. How right I was, but not for the reasons I first thought. Instead of being busy with different Committees I have been busy with keeping warm, building a family of Snow People, sliding down hills on various homemade “sledges” and having a inter-neighbour snowball fights.

Yes, it would seem I have had a lot of fun, and to a point I have. Especially as my 7 year old was taking part with me as well. Now its not so good. The snow we do still have is more like ice.

People are finding it difficult in getting around. People are stuck at home. We always seem to struggle when we get a good dousing of snow. Is it because we only really get it bad every few years? I think its over 10 years since we had snow like this.

As for schools being shut. That’s all well and fine (not saying their wrong), but some people who have to get to work are finding it difficult to arrange child care and then having to deal with employers who are saying “you must get to work”.

The main roads are clear, but its the other roads that are not. I am not saying we should salt all roads as I don’t think that’s feasible. The question is, should we have huge levels of salt stockpiled every year just in case? Is that cost effective? If we got snow at this level more frequent, then maybe we should. (I hope we wont get snow like this every year). I have heard people trying to score political points on gritting. It’s a shame they do this as you have to ask yourself, would they do any better?

I liked the snow when it first came, but now I wish it now all went. I think I am going to be disappointed as from what I hear from those who do the weather guessing game are saying more is on the way!

Finally I would like to thank those in Highways who have worked tirelessly in trying to keep the roads open. Good work.


  • Hope Bradbury

    A good blog Andy. I agree it was lots of fun at first but now becoming quite difficult being marooned at home down the bottom of a slope especially negotiating getting out of here to try and walk/skate over to the supermarket with a child with special needs and a disability just to stock up on everyday provisions – its lethal and she soooo hates shopping. Its taken me falling over a number of times to stop my girl from falling! More on the way they say so lets see what happens!! Keep bloggin – it passes some time away reading them. lol

  • Tech

    Heh and you have just summed up the main reason government loves schools so much. They aren't about education, they are about childcare so that there are more tax payers out there to fleece.

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