Small Ports given a lifeline in the aftermath of the storms

The Government has thrown a – small – lifeline to small ports in Cornwall and England with the announcement of £2m worth of funding to help ports make repairs to their storm damaged infrastructure. Cornwall Council, the Portfolio Holder for the Environment, Edwina Hannaford and me welcome this small, but important gesture to ports.

In the UK, there is over 1040 ports and with so many ports not everyone one of these would be in line for funding. The good news for Porthleven and other like places is this funding is aimed at those non-trading ports which have their main focus on fishing and leisure activity.  As with any grant application there is a criteria and the Government is using the EC TENS categorisation of ports to determine which UK ports are classified as small. They are three categorise A, B and C, with the Category C port authorities are eligible to apply [1].


repairs being made to the harbour wall in Porthleven

So what is covered? Again the good news is the funding can be used for the repair to operational port infrastructure, superstructure or equipment incurred through storm damage. However the funding cannot be used for improvements. Nothing within these categories is to be excluded and each claim will be considered on its merits but priority will be given to repairs which contribute most to the continued safe running of the port or the economic viability of the port. The dates for storm damage starts with the St Jude’s storm of 27th October till the 31st March.

For more information on how to claim, you can click HERE and HERE

 [1] Category A includes ports with a total annual traffic volume of not less than 1.5 million tonnes of freight, or 200,000 passengers. Category B includes seaports with a total annual traffic volume of not less than 0.5 million tonnes of freight or between 100,000 and 199,999 passengers. Category C includes seaports that do not meet the criteria of categories A and B but are situated in island, peripheral or the outermost regions, interconnecting such regions by sea and/or connecting them with the central regions of the Community.

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