Six or One

Six or One is the question. What am I on about you ask? Well, its to do with the Current Licensing Policy on Taxies. We currently have six different Policies on Taxies. Today the Miscellaneous Licensing Committee discussed the future. Their choices were keep the same (some may say unfair/fair policies depending what what old district you are from) or have one Policy for the whole of Cornwall.

I would be interested in hearing people’s views on this matter, as the full Council will have to make the final decision at a future Council meeting. The recommendation from the Misc Licensing Committee was that it stays the same. Is that right, wrong or don’t you care as long as you get into a Taxi that wont rip you off and deliver you to your chosen destination?

Considering I will have to vote one way or another I would be interested in what you think we should do. After all it is a democracy and I believe everyone should be listened too (even though we might not always agree).

At the moment I am sitting on the fence (shockingly, yes I am) as I can see merits in both. Don’t worry I won’t be sitting on the fence at the final decision, you can be assured of that, but it would be nice to hear your views.

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  • juderobinson

    Depends on what the policies are about. Racking my brains to imagine what they could be. Banning the phrase 'I 'ad 'im in the back of my cab once' could be a good start.

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