Single online planning system for Cornwall

Cornwall Council are bringing together the online planning registers used by the former councils into a new single online planning system. The new system is up and running in the former Kerrier area, and it will be rolled out to the other areas between now and August.
The new system will let users view, track and comment on planning applications online and register to receive automatic updates about planning applications in their area. This is a big step forward in making services more accessible and good example of the improvements, savings and efficiencies that Cornwall Council is delivering. Having one system for processing planning applications instead of seven will also make things more straightforward for those who wish to access planning online
Link for online planning system for Cornwall
I welcome this, as the public find it hard to travel the distances to the various Council Offices to look at plans that are of interest to them. I know I have used the online system a lot. A huge well done to all the staff who have made this work.

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