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Keeping the public informed on key decisions, or changes to services is an important function of a Council. If you look at Council who have a high level of resident satisfaction, they have a medium that informs residents. Back in 2007/8 the then County Council tried to do a newsletter, but this did not go as well as planned.

Looking at the recent Cornwall Cornwall resident survey, a large percentage of the population got their information from the news media. This is all well and good, but this information can have a certain slant. Therefore, surely it is right for a Council to publish information? Of course, the Council has a great website  and is on the social media platforms of Facebook and Twitter. However, you have to look for the information.

This is why last year Cornwall Council formally launched ‘For Cornwall’ an e-newsletter is to provide readers with information about what is happening in and around Cornwall, together with details of the latest news, consultations, offers and schemes, and things to do and see.

Fear not, this is not a political spin document, as it is political neutral. This is important as the information contained within the e-news letter should be free from politics. Since the launch the number of subscribers has increased to 10,500 and the Council are keen to increase this even further.

If you aren’t already subscribed to the e-newsletter and wish to receive it click on this link: Sign up here

I would encourage you to sign up to receive future copies of ‘For Cornwall’ and would also invite you to circulate this information to any other local groups, organisations or residents who might be interested in subscribing.



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