Shrubberies Hill Public Meeting

The public meeting for the planning application for 60 dwellings at Shrubberies Hill took place last night.


The meeting was very well attended by around 100 Porthleven residents. Out of those residents 25 spoke about the application after a short presentation from the planning officer.

From those 25, 16 spoke against the application and nine spoke in favour. Both sides put their cases well and with passion. It was good to see both sides respect the others viewpoint without resulting to any heckling. The Chairman of the planning committee also made the point at the end of the meeting on how well people had conducted themselves.

The questions raised from the meeting will be addressed in the final report. The date for the decision for this application will be held on the 27th August at 2pm in the Guildhall, Penzance. This is a public meeting so all can attend.

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