Shrubberies Hill Development Approved

Today, the West Planning Committee of Cornwall Council met to discuss and decide on whether the controversial application would be approved, or not. The application has been emotive and has divided Porthleven. For me is one of the most difficult applications I have had to deal with.

During the meeting both sides spoke with passion on why it should be refused or approved. Questions were asked from the committee members and clarifications were sought on aspects of the plan. I made my representation that highlighted the concerns of the objectors; like the AONB and road structure. I also spoke of the need for local needs housing in the area. No site is ever perfect, and it could be argued other sites could be used, but in planning terms, these are not available.

A recommendation was proposed for approval. And after more committee members spoke, it was time to vote. The vote was taken and six Councillors voted in favour, with six voting against. With a hung vote, it was decided by the Chairmans casting vote. I would point out the Chairman did not vote first time round. So it was approved subject to the 106 and other planning matter by seven votes to six.

Now a decision has been made, I hope the community works together to make sure the plans are delivered in line with the application. I know for many, this is going to be difficult.


  • Gill Martin

    I personally am very pleased the application has been approved.
    I would be interested which Councillors voted in favour and which against.

    Hopefully in time, those that were against the application will acknowledge the benefits it will bring to Porthleven.
    Affordable housing is desperately needed within the village.

  • Erika Rowbrey-Evans

    Interesting. There’s a mistake – sort used instead of sought in 2nd paragraph ….

    Am a Porthlevener living away but interested all the same in the village’s developments.

  • Chris


    I would love to know which councillors voted for and which voted against , This would help me understand who to support in the future!!

  • Jen Pearce

    That was a close call on the votes by the planners! Glad to see it went in favour, the problem of lack of affordable housing wouldn’t have gone away and I expect any site would raise objections in Porthleven. Why should all the people born in Porthleven be pushed out, enough of them have in the past.

  • Simon

    I personally cannot believe that this has been passed. Another chunk of our “green and pleasant land” gone forever and I don’t believe that it will end there. The measurable that should be used at the end of this is how many young people from Porthleven actually achieve ownership or co-ownership of a house…time will tell…

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