Should there be a By-Election?

Official news that Cllr Neil Plummer has left the Independent Group and “gone-over” to Mebyon Kernow. Anyone in the know that this was one of  the worse kept secrets at County Hall. In fact, it’s not the first time this has happened. He did the same about a week after being elected to Kerrier DC.

I like Neil, no question about that. I do how ever have a slight problem over him changing sides.  I would have the same problem with anyone changing sides are being elected to a certain party, or as a stand alone. If you stand under one colour, but then change your mind, at least you should have a by-election to make sure the people you represent are happy with this after all you are elected by them. You could ask people in the street, but you are hardly going to be able to ask everyone. 
The same happens when MP’s cross the floor. They just take up their new seat on the other side of the chamber. It leaves their local party who supported them annoyed to say the least. I would be also annoyed if I had elected someone because I believe in what they stood for, and the party they were representing and then suddenly they twitched sides. Its just not cricket. 
As I said before if you do have an issue with your current party, or the direction they are going in sure leave, but have the decency to stand at a by-election under your new colours. I know I would if I suddenly wished to join a political party. 
I wish Neil all the best in his new party. I am sure he will feel right at home as the other 3 MK Councillors are decent folk who I have found hard working and dedicated. I just have the issue over not having a by-election. I hear also (though only a rumour) that other Cllrs from other parties/groups are weighing up their option to a move to the other-side. 
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  • Anonymous

    I am a Stithians resident and I did vote for Mr Plumber due to the fact he was independant as I think independants are more likely to have local interests at heart rather than party motivations.

    I also think that if you are elected to any position based on your views, you should be standing for those views for the entire duration you are elected, therefore there should be a by-election. I certainly did not vote for Mebyon Kernow in Stithians.

  • Stephen Richardson

    Did anyone who voted for an independent councillor vote for a Conservative led administration? As Independents are effectively keeping a minority Tory administration going shouldn't they fight by-electuons to check that is ok with the people that voted for them?

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Stephen, If you check some facts there was an offer to have a rainbow coalition across the CC, but was turned down by 2 parties.

    I have always voted freely on any matter. Also, Neil was an Independent, so you are saying he should have fought a by-election?

  • Anonymous

    I think the main problem here is the definition of an independent. How can all the independents possibly form one cohesive group?

    Mebyon Kernow seem to be the freest of all the groups on Cornwall Council, including the independents. They also work hard for their local communities and vote with their consciences.

  • Stephen Richardson

    Andrew, I am not saying that he should have fought an election when he joined the coalition. I am saying that – by your reasoning – you should have fought a bye-election (with all other independents)when you formed a coalition to ensure Tory policies are followed by the council.

    In general I would tend to agree that if a person changes party they should check with the elctorate.

    I just have a problem with there being a 'group' of independents (surely this is an oxymoron) – especially if they then go on to actually support a single party in power. Vote independent – get Tory, vote independent – get MK – what's the difference?

    I respect the fact that you vote freely but that isn't the actual real effect of an independent 'group' that supports a Tory administration.

  • Anonymous

    Oh dear,hes done it again,come on Neil pay the people that elected you the courtesy of actually standing for MK next time,then lets see if you get in,too much to hope youll do the decent thing and resign and stand in a by election.
    I suppose its nice that mk have a cllr thats been here for longer than 5 minutes and has a cornish accent,must make a nice change for them…
    And politicians wonder why they are held in such contempt…

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