Shared Services Petition tops 4200

Two weeks have passed since the shared services petition started. And who would have thought it would have attracted so many signatures in such a short space of time. When the original motion supporters started the petition, we knew it would go pass 1000 signatures, and confident to reach 5000 in a month or so. However, the speed in which we have passed the initial 1000, and now we are a hairs-breath away from the 5000 has staggered me.

At the time of writing, the number of signatures on the ePetition is 3781. This is amazing in itself, but this does not include paper signatures. As for those, a rough guess (from the feedback) the paper version has attracted over 700 signatures. One paper petition has, 502 signatures which I now have been sent. That is truly amazing and shows real citizen power at work.

These 502 signatures have been collected by one couple (thank you Sally and Bob) so outraged by the proposals on shared services, they took to the streets. Not only have the collected an amazing number of signatures, but they have also kept a record of how many have said no. This is 27.

Even though the numbers of signatures on the ePetition has slowed down, I am still getting daily requests for details on the ePetition, but also the paper version (sent two out today). The magic number of 5000 is within sight, one last push and we are there. This I believe will show the Leadership the public are not supportive of these plans.

It is not all good news as a key (and worrying) date in this fight is the 27th September. This is where the RCHT board meets to discuss if they are to be part of the partnership. I was hoping this meeting would be public, but from the agenda I have seen, it looks like this will be held in closed session. Which is very disappointing.

And next Tuesday (2nd Oct) is possibly the day when the Invite to Tenders (ItT) is issued by Cornwall Council. I hope it is not issued, especially with everything else that is going on. However, it could be as the CEO, Kevin Lavery can issue the ItT after consulting the relevant Portfolio Holder’s and Leader. Not as it should ‘permission of the’ Portfolio Holder’s and Leader!

The fight continues……


  • A benefits assessor

    Based on the email sent out this afternoon by the chief exec it won’t have any affect even if you get a million signatures. He just doesn’t get it.

  • John Seddon

    What do the leaders in Cornwall know that those in Somerset didn’t? How will these proposals not go the way of SW1 – a similar deal close to their doorstep that has the leader of Somerset saying it is too expensive to get out of the deal and IBM allegedly suing their ‘partner’? (That’s what you do to partners isn’t it?).
    Birmingham City Council has just woken up to the fact that they are paying millions to Capita for Capita to service failure demand. While that is the good news, the bad news is they haven’t understood the causes, and these lie in the industrial ‘scale’ design.
    All of these ‘scale’ outsource deals fail because economy of scale is a myth. If the Cornwall deal goes ahead the people of Cornwall will have to pick up the tab. Good luck with your campaign.

  • Cornish VOTER

    Has the slush fund train pulled in yet? All aboard! What’ll it take to sway your vote? A holiday? Car? Roll up, roll up, this is big business at work and you locals don’t stand a chance!

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