• worried worker

    He’s gotta go Andrew…

  • liz jones

    Ops was my comment not exceptable?

  • Andrew Wallis

    No Liz, Just need to be approved 🙂

  • Baz from Bodmin

    Are you openly gunning for the CEO now? What do you expect to happen when a bunch of politicians remove your governance structure and throw an billion pound organisation into a decisionless void? Perhaps we should have just all gathered around and held hands and meditated on last Tuesdays events, weeping and gnashing teeth a the mess politicing has made!

    I note from chat that you’re adopting a colour for the next election. You must believe that recent machinations have guarenteed a Lib Dem win in May. What are your plans for delivering Council services in an austere environment?

  • Andrew Wallis


    I am not in anyway adopting a political party. I will be standing as an Independent, as I have always stood.

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