Seeking Re-election

Cornwall will be going to the Polls on the 2nd May for both town and parish and Cornwall Council elections. I hope the majority of the town and parish elections will be contested as the last full election was in 2007. You know the Cornwall Council election will be; because the political parties will want control of the next council.

I will be seeking re-election for Cornwall Council and the town council. I am pleased to say I am now an official candidate for the forthcoming elections. As my nomination forms have been returned and validated.

As always, I will be standing as an Independent. I feel that is the best way to serve the electorate. There is still much work to do as your elected representative, and I hope to continue to build on the successes I have had during the last four years.

I hope you will again show the same confidence you had in me before by voting for me on the 2nd May.

More later


  • riscornwall

    I don’t live in your area so I can’t vote for you. Can I just say that this blog is very impressive, as is your record as an independent local councillor. When you are elected please carry on with the good work and keep us all informed, via this blog, about what’s really going on in Cornwall.

  • Sandy Angove

    Wish you success, Andrew. A hard working councillor and caring about what matters. Incidentally, you may care to look on fb at Labour For Penzance. Nice shot of a LibDem poster with a change of job for you!

  • mick martyn

    good luck Andrew – i am totally fed up with the other parties imposing national politics on cornwall and especially all the lib dem 2 faced spin on their budget which will ensure frontline service cuts – lets have you on an independant cabinet in May.

  • worried worker

    Good luck Andrew, certainly one of the hardest working councillors out of there

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