Section 106 – Monies Owed and Paid

In August, (Click HERE to refresh yourself) I blogged about the amount of money that was owed to Cornwall Council by various companies and developers by means of Section 106 orders. So I enquired as to the current state of these obligations. These are the responses I got from the 3 Planning Areas and are from May 2010 to the present date.

Admin fees received: East 1 £4950.00 – East 2 £3750.00 – Total £8,700.00
Admin fees outstanding/due: East 1 £1750.00 – East 2 £1500.00 – Total £3,250.00
Obligations paid: East 1 £100,133.11 – East 2 £64,340.68 – Total £164,473.79
Obligations outstanding/due: East 1 £15,070.00 – East 2 £0 – Total £15,070.00

Admin fees received: Central 2 £5,575.40 – Central 1 £22,545.71
Admin fees outstanding/due: Central 1 £200.00 – Central 2 £4,750.00
Obligations received: Central 1 £66,072.08 – Central 2 £1,530,312.64
Obligations outstanding/due: Central 1 £188,732.60  Central 2 £139,756.38
Case with litigation: – 2 Amount outstanding £65,000.00

No details received as yet.

I would like to thank those Officers who sent me these details, and more importantly the work they have done in chasing up all the outstanding payments. I was told that after I blogged about Wainhomes and the amount they had outstanding, a cheque suddenly appeared for near the outstanding amount. My only concern is as with the August details, the West Area has no firm details, or it just could be a case of them not being sent to me.

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