Second Homes by Cornwall Council’s Community Networks

As a follow on from my previous post on second homes in parishes and Cornwall Council Electoral Divisions, I have now listed the numbers by Cornwall Council’s Community Networks:

  1. Wadebridge & Padstow: 11,722 dwellings – 2,494 second homes – 21.3%
  2. Hayle & St Ives: 13,561 dwellings – 1,606 second homes – 11.8%
  3. Camelford: 6,192 dwellings – 573 second homes – 9.3%
  4. Bude: 8,553 dwellings – 665 second homes – 7.8%
  5. Liskeard & Looe: 16,681 dwellings – 1,121 second homes – 6.7%
  6. West Penwith: 20,522 dwellings – 1,363 second homes – 6.6%
  7. St Agnes & Perranporth: 8,465 dwellings – 553 second homes – 6.5%
  8. Helston & the Lizard: 15,512 dwellings – 874 second homes – 5.6%
  9. Newquay & St Columb: 14,350 dwellings – 791 second homes – 5.5%
  10. St Blazey, Fowey & Lostwithiel: 8,761 dwellings – 470 second homes – 5.4%
  11. Truro & Roseland: 20,551 dwellings – 937 second homes – 4.6%
  12. Falmouth & Penryn: 19,647 dwellings – 889 second homes – 4.5%
  13. Cornwall Gateway: 15,354 dwellings – 613 second homes – 4.0%
  14. St Austell 14,442 dwellings – 560 second homes – 3.9%
  15. Launceston: 8,981 dwellings – 183 second homes – 2.0%
  16. Caradon: 8,409 dwellings – 146 second homes -1.7%
  17. Bodmin: 8,492 dwellings – 129 second homes – 1.5%
  18. Camborne, Pool & Redruth: 26,906 dwellings – 259 second homes – 1.0%
  19. China Clay: 11,224 dwellings – 101 second homes – 0.9%

No surprises with Wadebridge and Padstow CN having the greater number of second homes. However, it was a close call between Camborne, Redruth and Pool CN and China Clay CN with the least, having 1% and 0.9%.


  • anonymouse

    you really have bee in your bonnet on this one – whats your agenda?

  • Have these figures reduced since last year?

  • Gill Martin

    Second homes is a recurring subject that many people have an interest in, including myself, there is also very often a lot if mis-information given at times about them, so thank you for the correct information, it is very interesting.

  • Patsy Stevens

    Yes, but surely 2nd homes have been known to be rising for
    many years especially in St.Ives. But who and what is going to be
    done to stop or reverse the trend? For example, allowing developers
    to build 400 houses (+ supermarkets) of which only 100-200 are for
    social housing isnt gpoing to help the numerous residents in
    receipt of low wages, miniimum wages or unable to find work.
    Generally speaking all the propsed building and solar projects
    should not be on good agricultural land either. If this continues
    we will finish up with little or no LOCAL grown FOOD or farmers.
    The Council/HAssns should be buying up the many houses for sale on
    social housing estates and elsewhere and turning them into low rent
    housing for LOCAL people. Thisis what is desperately needed.

  • Gill Martin

    You give the percentage of dwellings in Mullion village as
    being considerably higher than that of Porthleven, so therefore I
    would have thought that all the more reason to allow the building
    of the proposed homes at Shrubberies Hill, particularly as they are
    to include a very good percentage of affordable homes.

  • Might rather ask *you* that question, ‘Anonymouse’ …

  • Johns

    Can I ask a question here? How are second homes identified
    – is it from reduced Council Tax liability? The reason I ask is
    that I would not want the crusade against second homes which some
    folk seem to be following, to be mis-directed. For example, there
    are properties which are empty during renovation – which after all
    is returning housing stock in a better condition to Cornish
    villages. Equally given Cornwall’s aged population there are
    numerous empty properties which are awaiting probate or being sold
    by Executors of estates. I am not trying to minimise the impact
    upon villages as a result of second homes, but I’m also anxious
    that the impact is not over-stated in statistics.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Dear John,

    These types of housing, like empty, renovation, probate, clergy and even in prison are classified different and would not be included in these figures

  • Anonymous

    If you want an estate of cheap and nasty houses built in Mullion Gill you have them, but don’t suggest Porthleven has them just because the percentage of houses is less.

  • Gill Martin

    Anonymous, I do not consider the proposed development for
    Shrubberies Hill constitutes ‘cheap and nasty’ houses and neither I
    doubt would many people wishing for a home of their own. There are
    already four relatively new estates of various sizes in Mullion,
    one of which is all affordable housing and another which has a
    percentage of affordable housing included. I did not state that
    Porthleven should have extra houses built simply because it has a
    current lower dwelling percentage than Mullion, I stated that
    because it has a lower percentage then surely that makes it all the
    more reason in my personal opinion for the proposed building
    project to go ahead, ie that is another valid reason for the homes
    to be built, because the suggestion is already there for the
    building project and evidently Porthleven is not on par or above
    average in comparison with other local villages/small towns in its
    affordable housing stock, or indeed it’s percentage of dwellings in
    general. If there was the opportunity for more affordable housing
    to be built in Mullion, Porthleven, Helston etc I for one would not
    object because I try to consider the needs of others.


    I am not surprised at the increase in second/holiday homes
    particularly as successive Governments unfortunately give much
    better tax incentives to owners to provide holiday accommodation
    for people who already have a home. These same tax incentives are
    not enjoyed by residential landlords, who provide accommodation for
    people who otherwise may not have a home! Your thoughts interest me
    Councillor Wallis on how this balance may be changed so more people
    in Cornwall may have a home of their own, including rented
    accommodation? Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Gill if you think any estates of housing being built in
    Porthleven or anywhere else locally are a good idea. We don’t need them and we don’t need your

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