School Crossing Patrol on Meneage Road out for Public Consultation.

In a previous blog I said Cornwall Council had agreed to place a school crossing patrol on Meneage Road, Helston. This is one step closer to reality with the formal public consultation now taking place.

The reason for this school crossing is because number of children attending Nansloe school has increased over recent years and a higher number of children are crossing Meneage Road.  High traffic volumes mean that it is sometimes difficult to cross the carriageway.  A patrol will be able to supervise children crossing the carriageway.

As part of the plan, there will be a series of patrol signs and flashing amber lights to warn of the school crossing patrol site. The lights will operate at the beginning and end of the school day.

The consultation documents can be found HERE. In many consultations, people only seem to comment when they have a concern or want to object. However, this time it is important to give a view of support too. Please email you views and quoting Ref 1639 to:

The consultation period starts today and runs till the 13th June. It is hoped that work at the site will be implemented in time for the new school term in September.

Consultation Map

Consultation Ma



  • Karen Morgan

    I see that you just mention Nansloe school but there is also a high percentage of children who also cross that road on their way to St Michaels school and think that the place of the crossing should take this into consideration and move it further down towards town to allow for children from both schools to benefit. I myself have to walk my children across that road everyday and it’s a nightmare along with many other parents I see from St Michaels. I cannot allow my elder children to walk on their because of crossing this dangerous road.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Ideally there needs to be two crossing, as moving it down further would in fact stop those accessing Nansloe Academy from using it.

    This site has been established because the high usage as part of the survey I had undertaken. It has taken a long time for this to happen.

  • Jodie

    Clodgey lane could do with a better crossing from the new hellis wartha pasmore road estates . Trying to cross that road with 3 small children coming home from st Micheals school is a nightmare , you either have to use 3 sets of traffic lights , or cross and check backward for traffic coming up from trengrouse way . It’s shocking more houses keep getting built , increasing the volume of pedestrians and traffic. But the road and crossings haven’t been updated in over 10 years

  • Ellie

    I hope this goes through my daughter is at nansloe and the road to cross at the moment is leathal and the drivers never stop and find our selves waiting for up to 10mins just to get a break to run rapid across the road with a pushchair also in toe not ideal, and regarding the other comment relating to st michaels school students there are plenty of access points for students and parents already moving down closer to town would be pointless as there is already plenty of safe places to cross (my daughter a former student at st michaels before leaving we did the walk everyday with no crossing issues) the position for this crossing be of use to those who find it difficult to access both schools as the cut through to st michaels is only minutes from where the crossing would be placed

  • Charity

    I have indeed emailed my full supporting views to Cormac. Well done Cllr. Wallis for getting the project this far. The location is perfect, no doubt whatever Cornwall Council does someone will object, but hey ho, I am sure a few steps extra in the direction of the crossing will do some no harm.

  • Andrew Wallis

    Hi Jodie,

    Lot’s of areas could do with crossings. However, My division is Porthleven and Helston West, so I am only able to do improvements/help in those areas.

  • Andrew Wallis

    I agree, lot’s of areas could do with pedestrian crossing improvements, but my responsibilities lay in Porthleven and Helston West.

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