Saturday morning spent making a duck and eating cake

On Saturday, Porthleven Community Group held one of its regular coffee mornings for anyone to come along for a chat over a cup of tea, and a piece (or two) of cake.. The group provides all this for free, as the group members make all the cakes.

There is also a suggestion board for people to comment; which allows the group to prioritise any projects the residents of Porthleven wish to see started.

Also provided today was material to make a paper mache duck, which will then take part in a duck race from the bridge leading onto The Moors to the harbour. This even starts at 3pm next Saturday.

As with any fun-like competition, entries are not only from children. As many of the group members and parents also made ducks. Including me. There was some good natured rivalry between some of the adults on who’s duck would actually make it to the end of the course!

A huge thanks should go to the Porthleven Community Group who continue to help make Porthleven a better place to live in. Well done!


The start of the duck


The finished duck – Colin


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