Sanctuary Housing attempts again to turn car park at Albion Road into private car park

Sanctuary Housing have formally requested Cornwall Council for a Stopping Up Order under the Highways Act 1980 – Section 116. You can learn more about this order HERE. The simple aim of this request is to turn this car park from a public car park, to a private one.

Readers of this blog will remember the last time this was (illegally) attempted and how a private car park enforcement company was hired to enforce the restrictions. This cause a lot of distress to people. Luckily as the actions by Sanctuary Housing were illegal, I got all the tickets cancelled and the car park reverted by to a public one.

As part of the process for stopping up orders, I have been asked for my views. However, I want to hear Bulwark and Albion Road residents views. Like last time, I have objected to the proposed changes because losing such a public large car park will add to the parking issues in this area. I would also be very concerned with the use of a private car park enforcement company to make sure the rules are enforced.

Therefore, I am asking residents to contact me at: to give their views. If there is a limited response, then it might be harder to resist the changes. We have till the 22nd February to express those views.

The proposed changes to the public car park

The proposed changes to the public car park


  • Dale Reardon

    The car park in Albion road must be kept public, as there is not enough parking spaces as it is in the area.
    If the residents that park there are no longer able to, then I fear the roads would be jammed with cars.
    I am a fire fighter who lives at the top of Albion road and have a constant battle trying to park near my home to enable me quick access to my car for fire shouts.
    Also if more cars were forced to park on the road I think it would be difficult for Emergency services to gain access and the busses which go up Bulwark road and down Albion road may have difficulty getting through?

  • Kathryn

    The car park in Albion Road, Helston, Cornwall MUST be kept public as there is not enough parking spaces as it is in the area. I live in the area with my family and one private car and it’s extremely difficult to find a park on a daily basis.

  • Mike Lander

    The Car Park in Albion Road must remain public, I live in the area & as a resident find parking a premium, Its a nightmare to park at the moment, & will only get worse if the car park is made private, Its a ridiculous suggestion in the first place!

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