Rubbish – A different type of bin

A  few weeks ago I posted something to do with rubbish bins and seagulls (LINK to that article). After doing a bit of investigating work I found out that Cornwall Council sells a large rubbish storage sack that can be brought for £5. These are reusable and when they are not need they can be stored away.

These are made out of polypropylene and they will hold two black bin backs worth of rubbish.  They are pretty much seagull proof as long as you close them up properly. If you fancy buying one of these you can go along to the Helston One Stop Shop. Click HERE for the address and click HERE for a map of the One Stop Shop.

Anyway if you do buy one of these can you let me know how you get along with it. If there is a large demand for them, then we might be able to get the from the suppliers cheaper.

I did find it strange that these types of sacks are not that well publicised. I am hopeful that after speaking to a few Officers that this oversight can be addressed.

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  • Amanda

    When I first moved here 11 years ago (bulwark road), all bins were collected from the cupboards outside of our front door, they even left us a lovely black shiny bag for the next week! I'm not quite sure what happened or why it was stopped, I guess it took too long for the bin men and they had a fair distance to cover. However, we didn't have the issues with the seagulls that we now have. In a way I think these bags may be a good idea but then there is also the issue of somebody doing a runner with your bin bag..sad but true. My recycling bag has gone missing a few times. I have now given up and take mine to co-op and recycle them there. We generally have 2-3 bags a week, they never go out till 11pm on a Sunday evening but it doesn't matter what time you put them out because the seagulls are always there. I would be surprised if this actually works, hopefully I will be wrong!

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