ROK and new social housing in Porthleven

Many will be aware that ROK has gone into administration. This is in itself bad news, but this may affect Porthleven slightly more than other Towns. This is because the 30 social rental homes that are currently being in Porthleven are being built by this company. I am on the understanding from various phone calls and e-mails that I sent/made today that work has stopped.

It is not all bad news, as from those discussions that took place, Cornwall Council via DCHA are confident that a new contractor will be found to finish off these much needed houses. This may take a few weeks or worse case a month or so until its been sorted out via the administrators. I have been assured that these houses will be completed and available to local people via the Home-choice scheme.

I shall keep you informed as soon as I know further details.

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  • Anonymous

    It appears that the new houses in Porthleven have been allocated, mainly to people with poor local connections! We all assumed that strong local connections actually meant born and bred, how stupid of us!? The village is becoming more and more like a town and not a very safe one at that, with these apparently 'local' people being homed and taking priority over TRUE locals. There are many unsatisfied Porthleveners at this present time, including myself (I am born and bred, have very strong connections, my family goes back GENERATIONS in the village)I am currently homeless, this is causing devastation for my family. I have bid at present on 3 houses, I am homeless and in band C. If I don't get some kind of result I'm afraid my only option will be to bring this fully into the public view and demand some answers. Please push our case as Porthleveners because we feel totally powerless!

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