Road Tax disk changes and it impacts on some Blue Badge holders

On the 1st October 2014, and after 87 years of having to display one, there will no longer be a legal requirement for any vehicle to display a tax disc. For those vehicles with Nil and Disabled tax discs who are currently entitled to free parking in Cornwall Council car parks a new process has been put in place so those who qualify can still continue to receive free parking..

The new process from the 1st October will require owners of vehicles of a Nill and Disabled tax disc  to contact the Council up to two weeks before expiry of their tax disk  giving details of the vehicle’s make and model and its registration number. The Parking Service will verify the details and add the information into its system as a vehicle exempt from enforcement in Cornwall Council car parks due to its Nil and Disabled status.  Provided a valid blue badge is displayed.  This will allow the continuation of free car parking in Cornwall Council owned car parks.

If a vehicle is not displaying a Nil and Disabled tax disc or has not been applied for exemptions as above, then the Enforcement Officers will not be aware of its status and will issue Penalty Charge Notices.  The vehicle must also display a valid blue badge to receive the exemption.

mail:  or write to the Council at: Parking Services, PO Box 664, TR1 9DH



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