RingGo – Paying for Carparking by phone

 A great idea is about to take form in Cornwall Council Carparks. It’s was fully supported by the Parking Panel (which I am Chair of) and given the final go ahead by the Portfolio Holder, Graeme Hicks. Sadly this service is not free. Cornwall Council does not collect any extra money from this service. The extra cost goes to the company providing the service. I wish it was free, but it just could not be done.

From Wednesday, 2 June people using Council run car parks across Cornwall will no longer need coins to pay for parking their cars – they can use their mobile phones instead

The RingGo cashless parking system which allows people to pay for parking over their mobile phones using a credit or debit card rather than using cash at the machine has been operating very successfully in North Cornwall since 2008. The Council is now extending the service to all its car parks across Cornwall.

People will still be able to pay in cash if they want but the RingGo service offers extra flexibility to those that either can’t or don’t want to pay with coins.

The main benefits of the service are that people don’t need to hoard change, they don’t have to queue at the parking machine and they don’t need a parking ticket. Civil Enforcement Officers check which vehicles are parked with RingGo using internet connected handheld units.

The system also allows people to extend their stay without going back to the car park to put more money in the machine – something which I am sure will be welcomed by everyone who has been stuck in a queue while nervously watching their watches as the expiry time on their parking ticket approaches. Paying with RingGo offers drivers extra convenience and choice.

To use the service, simply park as usual and look for the RingGo signs which are shown on the machines nearby. These provide the Truro telephone number – 01872 88 44 66 – that people will need to use RingGo.

If using RingGo for the first time, drivers will be asked to provide details of their vehicle ( including the number plate, colour and make), the location of the car park, the length of time they want to park and details of their payment card, which can take a couple of minutes. To save time people can also pre-register their details on-line at https://www.myRingGo.co.uk/register.  There is no charge for registering.

On subsequent calls, the service recognises the driver’s mobile phone number and retrieves much of the information, which means that payment normally take less than a minute. An additional 20p convenience charge is made for using the service on top of the standard car parking tariff.

A further benefit of paying by phone is that drivers can top up their parking remotely if they’re running late, and so avoid a penalty notice. RingGo also offers a text reminder service, so people can be notified 10 minutes before their parking time is due to expire (additional charge of 10p per reminder).

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  • Anonymous

    Yawn,yet another gimmick that will cost the motorist,why not actually do something people have asked for like machines that give change and dont rip you off,love the expression"convenience charge"
    "Top up their parking remotely" not in short stay-time limited car parks I hope….

  • Anonymous

    I think its a great idea and have used it in Padstow and bodmin station before now when I havent had change for the machine. 20p is nothring compared with a fine!

  • Anonymous

    They already do this in Essex quite successfully – paying by mobile means that you pay 20p less for your parking than you would if you paid cash – hence, the payment for the phone call so its effectively free.

  • Anonymous

    just another notch in the bedpost of big brother! we pay more than enough in road tax etc etc. car parks are just a big money spinner [money for nothing or should i say mucho money for car park owners]. in spain you can park for free for as long as you need,the towns benifit as do the motorist, everyones happy. a lesson yet to be learnt here in england

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