Results of the Cornwall Council Staff Survey on the JV

The results of the staff survey on a range of options the council could travel on Tuesday is now out. Out of 850 staff which received the survey 467 have initially completed the survey.

The results* are:

In-house – 55% (256)
BT option – 33% (154)
Other outsourcing – 0%
Undecided – 12% (56)

It certainly shows the staffs view on the proposals, which is different to some of the spin coming out of the Corporate Leadership saying staff are onboard with the BT option.

*The figures used are the votes from first choice option


  • David Craig

    BT Option offered free broadband for staff, so hope they
    were not swayed by this too much. Not sure this offer of free
    broadband was appropriate.

  • Andrew Wallis

    I think it was £1. However, it did not sway them too much as 55% of staff who returned the survey went with in-house option, with 33% for BT

  • mick martyn

    Hi Andrew Great information again, your blog is a daily
    read for me to find out whats really going on in new county hall
    towers. You havent mentioned the all member briefing on the
    strategic partnership that was held today though, as it is such a
    crucial decision for the Council i assume the vast majority of
    members were there, no doubt you were leading by example – are
    there any interesting snippets that you are able to share??

  • worried worker

    HEY MICK! Are you reading these numbers Mick? Have you seen
    the above, where the majority DON’T want the BT option? How’s that
    sitting with you mate? How’s those FACTS going down over there, or
    is it more spin from Andrew? Just to reiterate for you Mick, 256
    don’t want BT…sure, there’s 56 who aren’t sure yet…sod it,
    count those for BT Mick, why not, you can have them, hell have one
    for yourself too…that still means the majority, (ma·jor·i·ty. n.
    pl. ma·jor·i·ties. 1. The greater number or part; a number more
    than half of the total) the majority of people who will be directly
    affected by this change (i.e. NOT you) DO NOT want BT. Are we clear
    on that now Mick? Do you understand that part or shall we draw you

  • worried worker

    David Craig, I know of one employee in my department who
    wants the BT option solely for the £1 broadband. Gods honest truth
    that’s genuinely all he’s interested in.

  • David Craig

    that’s worrying worried worker – £1 broadband in my view shouldn’t have been allowed to be a part of the process … Little things like this can cloud the important issues at hand.

  • David Craig

    that’s worrying worried worker – £1 broadband in my view
    shouldn’t have been allowed to be a part of the process … Little
    things like this can cloud the important issues at hand.

  • Baz

    Andrew, did you have authority to post these figures? It
    seems incredible that you consistently have the facts way ahead of
    any direct communications to staff. Are you abusing your
    privileged, dare I say elected, position to gain political
    leverage? Had the figures been the other way around, would you have
    been so quick to your blog? And if you’re thinking you’re
    supporting staff by posting information early, what are you doing
    to develop the Councils communications approach to avoid you having
    to carry such a burden? Presumably, you are working tirelessly with
    your colleagues to derail the BT bid, what’s your opinion of the
    options now you had a few days to read? B

  • Andrew Wallis

    The figures are public knowledge. I asked for them and I got them. No abuse of position/power. You’ll be amazed what information is available if you just ask, or look on the CC website. I would have also posted them even if the results were different.

  • mick martyn

    worried worker…yes i am surprised at the results, i just
    hope all those that voted to stay in house arent regretting the
    decison when the services announce how they are going to make their
    savings next year assuming the bt option doesnt go thru which will
    be a very sad day for cornwall in my opinion.

  • SL

    Depite Kevin Laverys propaganda, i.e. that the BT option is
    the only answer, I’m so pleased that a majority of staff have not
    been fooled and have voted overwhelmingly against the BT option.
    I’m sure managers will argue that staff are not again the BT
    option, because they voted for BT with the 2nd or 3rd option. But
    the way the survey has been rigged, means you cant actually vote
    against the BT option. I’m sure that was deliberate. Its worth
    reading the following article
    This paints a horrifying picture of senior managers determined to
    force through the joint venture and hiding important information
    from councillors. It also raises another disturbing point, that the
    council will have no membership on the board of the joint venture
    company. How can this be ? How can the council possibly have any
    control over the JV ? This raises the question again, who actually
    runs Cornwall Council ? Senior managers or elected members.
    Hopefully on December 11th councillors will answer that question
    and send the BT charlatans packing. For those concerned about
    missing out on the BT telehealth jobs, surely BT could set up a
    telehealth centre in Cornwall taking advantage of our enhanced
    broadband, without any need to take over Cornwall Council’s back
    office. But we all know why they want to take over the CC back
    office. Big profits from procurement.

  • worried worker 2

    I wonder who Mr Lavery will be working for in the future,
    majority of staff do not want JV but senior management want it
    badly, every briefing we go to threatened with job loses , but it
    was admitted in a few of the briefings that jobs would be lost in J
    V , I hope that if the vote on Tuesday , is not for JV cabinet will
    not back track, and will it be a open vote as I would like to know
    what my councillor votes for Senior management quoted in last
    briefing that the war was not lost yet. Worried worker 2

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