Responses from the Second Public Meeting on the Proposals for Shrubberies Hill, Porthleven

I now have the feedback from the second public meeting on the proposals for a mixed-use site of local needs and open market that could be built on land adjacent Shrubberies Hill, Porthleven. To refresh, the details of the first consultation event is HERE.

The number of residents who attended the second consultation was 89 (signed the visitors book). Out of those attended, 54 provided feedback and here are those views on the revised proposals:

  • Supportive – 10 (18.5%)
  • Support but with reservations – 10 (18.5%)
  • Against – 31 (57.4%)
  • Unsure – 3 (5.6%)

Combining the two events, a total of 229 residents attended. Out of that figure, 33 residents attended both events and 14 of these left feedback on both occasions. These people’s view did not show a shift in opinion after seeing the revised proposals.

If you combine the two consultation results* the results are:

  • Total responses – 139
  • Supportive – 23 (16.54%)
  • Supportive but with reservations – 32 (23.2%)
  • Against – 69 (49.64%)
  • Unsure – 15 (10.8%)

Out of all the views and comments received,  50% of the feedback highlighted traffic, highways and access as a concern. Though again 50% of respondents felt that homes should be provided to local people at an affordable price. I feel if any plan is submitted, the highway/access issue must be addressed.

*Those who gave feedback twice only the recent view has been used. 


  • Anonymous

    You don’t want any more cheap and nasty houses in
    Porthleven anymore than we do anywhere else in Cornwall. If people
    can’t afford a decent house well thats too bad. Only houses of
    prestige should be built, not monstrosities along the coastline
    though, then maybe we wouldnt have so many people on benefits.
    Never mind addressing the highway issue just redesign the whole
    thing to a few large properties.

  • Gill Martin

    It is not only people living in smaller properties or those
    in the lower price range of properties that that claim benefits.
    The proposed new build project for Porthleven are not “cheap and
    nasty” proposals but that of an aesthetically pleasing structure,
    with in my opinion, a better than average proposal within the
    development for affordable housing. Some people have no option but
    to take lower paid employment, particularly some young people
    starting out in the world of employment, and therefore would be
    unlikely to be able to afford a property within the higher price
    range bracket, this is not to say that they may at a later stage go
    on to purchase a dearer valued property. I believe it is unfair to
    discriminate against those needing properties within their price
    range by allowing the supply of the higher priced range properties
    only to be built.

  • Gill Martin

    Should have said in the last post ‘this is not to say they
    may ‘not’ at a later stage go on to purchase a dearer

  • Anonymous

    You are deluded Gill, you may like small cheap boxes for
    houses but we don’t want them in Cornwall.

  • worried worker

    “We”? I doubt you speak for many Mous.

  • Gill Martin

    Anonymous, I may well be deluded in some aspects of life,
    however, I most certainly am not regarding the housing issue in
    Cornwall and the needs of those that would like to own their own
    property. Incidentally, the design of a property is a matter of
    personal choice.

  • Gill i think your comments are fair, as to the anon what are u talking about, are you from porthleven and have you seen the development that has been put forward i live in porthleven along with many of my family members and we have been here for generations, now we have watched porthleven build and build for the open market at high end prices, this is great but an average house in porthleven is now 190,000 and the average wage of a person working in porthleven full time is about 15,000 so as you can see we need more affordable houses and less outsiders telling us how our village should be run.

  • Anonymous

    The only way the next generation of ‘Porthleveners’ are going to be able to live in the village is by having affordable housing. Or are we not bothered that young local house buyers are denied the chance of buying in their village.

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