Recycling – Update

Just over a month ago I started to recycle properly (old blog). I started off as keen as mustard, making sure everything was put in the multitude of bins I have. Friday came and it was Recycling Day. I placed all my containers out with some pride of how good I had been.

It was only when I went to collect the empty boxes I noticed some had not been emptied. All the glass, tin, milk containers and paper had been emptied. The plastic was not even touched. The plastic in question was the meat and other like plastic containers you get in supermarkets. I thought this is what recycling was all about. Making sure plastics are not just dumped into the ground.

I was later told it was the wrong type of plastic. I know from my Chemistry lessons that there are many different types of plastics, but surely they must be all recyclable. How wrong I was.  I ended up with another bin bag full of rubbish to be collected and thrown into landfill.

My first real foray into recycling was a disappointment. Sure they took other items away and in turn they wont end up in landfill. Why does it seem we are only playing at recycling. If its the wrong type of plastic, then make though law the manufactures use the right type that can be recycled. At a basic level plastic is plastic to most people.

I ended up throwing out another bag full of rubbish. Imagine all the other homes that are doing this. That’s a lot of rubbish to be dumped into a large hole in the ground.

I will continue to recycle, but I am met with some disappointment every time I throw another plastic item into the waste bin.


  • Charlotte MacKenzie

    Andy, I totally agree. The recycling collection in the former Carrick area is the same – they take plastic milk cartons and bottles, but no plastic pots, tubs, trays, or punnets. All plastics can be recycled as you say – eg yoghurt pots can be made into kitchen worksurfaces. When I asked the Council about this I was told it is because the nearest recycling plant is too far away. But we end up paying more landfill tax. Rather than get bogged down in an argument about weekly v. fortnightly collections, the Council needs to get real and review what it collects and recycles – and how it can get more people recycling.


  • Anonymous

    Glad it's not just Helston that has this sort of nonsense. Annoyingly some weeks they will take all plastic and other leave then behind. Also they get quite uppity if the different materials aren't sorted immaculately. Cue a slightly heated discussion of "shall i do your job for you"! After all i'm getting a reduction in council tax for doing this or some other incentive not just to chuck it all in the bin? No? Ah right!

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