Recycling in Porthleven

Its recently struck me that for the size of Porthleven (3,500 people) we do not have any of the small bottle banks and other types of recycling banks in this Town (or Village if you prefer). If you wish to empty your recycling outside the fortnightly collection round you have to go to Helston to do this.

Well, things could change. I am planning to place 3 of the smaller kinds of banks in Shrubberies Hill Car Park. This I believe would be the ideal location as you can easily park and unload and it isn’t that far from the centre of Porthleven.

I am hoping to have these in place within the next few weeks (subject to a small survey) on a 6 month trial. If successful, then I’m hoping that these will become permanent. The last banks in Porthleven were in 2004. These were subject to some misuse. I hope that this will now not be the case, and people will not just dump rubbish at this site.

The old saying goes, If you abuse it, you lose it.


  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    These are comments from my FB Page

    Jon Le Couteur Bisson
    There used to be recycling bins in the car park, that is now build center property.
    A more central area would be Kitto's Field carpark, or the moors.
    3 hours ago ·

    Andrew Wallis
    Kitto's has been ruled out due to issues. Moors is not owned by CC.
    2 hours ago

    Robert Hichens
    the moors area is always flooded in the winter so that would be a nightmare, top park is ideal loads of parking and easy access.
    about an hour ago ·

    Kerry 'Eggs Benedict' Mclintock
    I think that's a great idea – not really important where they are as long as we have the facilities available to us – when we were struggling after the snow for weeks it would've been really handy!
    about an hour ago ·

    Andy Marchant
    Glad to see you picked up on my comments about recycling in Porthleven that I mentioned to you on FB a short while ago!

    I see someone has dumped two car tyres down by the cricket ground/methleigh bottoms amenity area. I suppose this is what you have to contend with if you set up any area for recycling.
    34 minutes ago ·

    Andy Marchant
    ….people dumping their rubbish

  • Patricia Hosking

    I think that a recycling area in Porthleven would be a boon and we would definitely use it!

  • Anonymous

    Any thoughts about smaller recycling bins for the Square? Instead of putting all the rubbish into one bin. Say separate ones for cans and or plastic bottles.
    Also on the subject of recycling. Is there any type of compost bin in the cemetery. It looks like old flowers/plants are dumped in the one general bin after tending relatives graves. I think the large one by the bottom gate is off limits to the public.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Hi, Thanks for the comments. I think having smaller bins in place of the general use ones is a great idea. Something I will take up and see how feasible it is.

    Again, a composting bin in the graveyard would seem logical.

    I shall make inquiries on both great ideas

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