Recycling in Porthleven – 11 Tonnes More!

In June 2010 I decided to install three small recycling banks in the Shrubberies Hill car park. Porthleven had been without recycling banks for several years and I thought due to the population size it should have it’s own banks in addition to the kerbside collection. The nearest banks before these were installed are in Helston, which is over three miles away.

I decided after several months of use to review how well these banks are being used. If they are not well used, then there is not much call for them, and would be removed like so many other banks in Cornwall. The figure of the amount of recycled items that have been placed in these banks has surprised even me.

Over 11 tonnes have been placed and collected from these banks! That is a lot of additional items that have been recycled. More good news is that these banks have had no effect on the kerbside collection. In other words Porthleven has increased it’s recycling rate by 11 tonnes. This is fantastic news.

The breakdown of what types of material being recycled is as follows:

News and Paper – 4.24 tonnes
Can and Glass – 1.88 tonnes
Mixed Glass – 5 tonnes

These figures have also impressed the Waste Team and will be planning to keep these banks at the current location.

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