Recycling How Easy Is It?

This is going to be my last Blog of 2009. Lots has happened, mostly good. I like to quote  a line from a film. “It’s been emotional”

Right, now onto the reason I am Blogging. Recycling, How easy is it really? I always tried to do my best, but previously I lived in a flat and really did not have room for all the containers. Now I live in a bigger place where I can stored the multitude of containers.

So as from today I am going to try and recycle everything. I want to see how much rubbish I can’t recycle. Already, I have filled one of those blue boxes to about half. One day and already half! Saying that, I have been grocery shopping.

So lets see how I on. I plan to monitor it for January and then evaluate it to see how I am doing. I may even weight it (sad I know)

Just to let you know. I live with just my 7 year old son (he is not here all the time) and me. So no huge family.

Happy New Year!


  • Charlotte MacKenzie

    Hi Andy

    When parking strategy is agreed maybe you could give your attention to helping move from six recycling schemes to one for Cornwall.

    The scheme here is different (former Carrick) but to reduce black bags they need to take a wider range of plastics (not just milk cartons and bottles) – eg yoghurt, icecream, and margarine tubs and fruit punnets can all be recycled, but at the moment not in Cornwall. Plus get the 40 per cent who don't use the kerbside collections to start.

  • gaila

    I have a basket in the kitchen where I put all the recycling stuff which saves the hike to the blue wheelie bin every five mins. We have been doing this a while now up here in Northumberland and comes as second nature – as does the weekly trip to the bottle bank with the Kronenburg and Wine bottles!!
    Happy New Year!

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