Recycling Centres – Sorry, no permit, no entry

I think most people have taken something to a Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) at one stage or another. They are in my opinion a valuable service and facility that have made it easier for households to dispose of items that they no longer want, or are broken. It is rare to see the old matteress laying in a lay-by or a hedge as people now just take them to the HWRC.

These centres as the title implies are for household items only, in other words not industrial or commercial. In fact, it is against the law to take non household items to these sites. It is all very well saying it is against the law, but many people still do dispose industrial and commercial items at these centres. Cornwall Council claims that this costs the Authority over £1m per year and is now changing how the HWRC are operated.

They are introducing a permit system. This does not apply to cars, 4×4’s, or those same vehicles types that are towing a trailer that is under 1.8m in length. The permit will though apply to other types of vehicles. Those vehicles that will require a permit are 4×4 with open back or separate cab, horse box under 3m long and vans that are under 3.5 tonnes. If you do require a permit you will need to apply for one and these will be free. You will only be allowed to use the site 12 times before you have to reapply for a new permit. It will still though only allow you to dispose of household waste.

There will be vehicles that will be completely banned from the HWRC. These vehicles are vans over 3.5 tonnes, any van that is towing a trailer and a trailer or horse box that is over 3m in length. These will just be turned away.

These new rules are likely not to be taken well from some quarters, but is it right that we as taxpayers have to foot the extra bill of illegal dumping because people not disposing of their waste in the right way? There is however a real danger that people will not pay the charges (and they are not cheap) to dispose commercial and industrial waste and simply find a nice quiet spot and dump their items when no-one is looking. A question then could be asked is how much will that cost to clear up?

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  • Anonymous

    So where will the small builders and all the other white van men dump their rubbish? You know as well as I do that a proportion of them will ditch it in lanes and farm gateways, as they used to do. Alternatively they will buy big old estate cars and claim it is household waste as they do at present. Surely it is cheaper to let them dispose of their rubbish at the "Recycling centres" than to have to clear it away from isolated places scattered around the county. Of course it will be an eyesore each time it happens.
    This is a most shortsited, penny wise, pound foolish policy.
    How much clearing of fly-tipped waste do you get for £1 million pounds these days? Not much.
    As a legimate disposer of household waste who happens to have a trailer longer than 1.8m long I resent having to fill in another tedious form and have my number of visits to the dump restricted. After I moved to this house there was a great deal to dispose of and when I carried out a lot of DIY subsequently there was even more. I would have needed a new permit every few weeks for a while. It is outrageous that I should have to mess about with this new beaurocracy whilst I have more than enough else to do.

    PS I tried to add my name to this but it wouldn't let me.
    George Gall

  • Anonymous

    Cornwall Council are so out of touch with the real world now a days. This will cost all of us a lot more in the long term. We need the Cornwall Council to get back down to earth and give people back something insted of taking away more and more each time. The HWRC should not be restricted to legimate disposers of household waste just because they own a small van.

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