Re-introducing a School Crossing Patrol

I am looking into the feasibility of re-introducing a School Crossing Patrol (SCP) in Porthleven between the bus stop and Sunset Gardens. This stretch of road is rather busy, and it is claimed by many to be fast. Many will know there used to be a SCP, but this stopped many years ago and no one seems to know why.

The plan is for this site to be inspected for suitability for the (which it is) SCP. Then a survey is undertaken on how many cars travel along this stretch of road at school times. Once this data has been collected, it is compared with national guidelines. If it does meet those guidelines a report is written supporting the SCP.

Of course, with any scheme there is a cost. In general terms a site setup can cost around £3000. This includes signage, flashing lights and drop kerbs. There is also an average annual cost of around £4500 of running and staffing a site.

In the meantime I am also looking at placing another ‘island crossing’ in the same area. This will be similar to the one I had fitted between the Boating Lake and the Fairground Car Park. However, the cost of this is likley to be in excess of £10,000, and my highways budget has been fairly depleted because of other projects like Gibson Way. Still, I will keep trying.


  • Anonymous

    Sounds sensible Andrew.
    I have an elderly grandmother who would definitely welcome a permanent structure/change in the highway at that junction. A school patrol wouldn't particularly help her or other elderly residents. However an island / pelican crossing / traffic lights would help my grandmother greatly.
    The other place she finds tricky is crossing over from The Lugger / Kota to Boots / telephone kiosk. She normally asks people to help her cross the road but it does worry her. A pelican crossing there would be really helpful.

  • Anonymous

    Give me strength,Andy there is no need for any of this expense,there are plenty of places where one can cross the road in safety,no need for the nanny state to get involved,stop looking for ways to spend money,if granny wants to cross the road on a blind corner more fool her,she can cross in fore street or by celtic house in perfect safety,she would have to walk all of twenty feet away from the blind corner,not much to ask is it…

  • Geoff Ward

    Oh what wonderful friends you attract. I use the word friends, as they refer to you as Andy. I'm guessing the first anon comment was made by a young person, and as such, maybe a little respect for the comment wouldn't have gone amiss, seeing as it is the young people that are always told to be respectful, it should be a two way thing. For the second anon person to criticize in that manner, doesn't 'paint a very good picture' of some people in Porthleven. Reading back through many of the posts on this blog, appears it is ruled by the perverbial playground bully, with an attitude problem, that will not be happy until he has put off everyone who comments. The second anon post is not a debate, it is a sarcastic attack on an obviously caring young persons opinions. I am not surprised that that the comments on this blog have gone down, reading through many back dated ones. Anyone with any intelligence wont bother contending with likes of the second anon on here. I am all for debates and different opinions, but this guy obviously has a problem throughout the months of this blog. It wouldn't be so bad if he had the guts to put his name to his posts. Reading through, it seems to me, he always seems to pick on those more vunerable than him. Jealousy maybe, because he isn't intelligent enough to write anything original.

  • Cllr Andrew Wallis

    Dear Geoff,

    Thanks for the comment. I would prefer if people who commented would not do it anon. But I guess they have their reason as to why.

    I tend to allow most comments as long as they don't break a few simple rules. I don't want to sensor, as I welcome debate.

    Glad you commented and I look forward to more.

    Thanks again

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