RCHT pulls out of Cornwall Councils JV?

What with the story of Kevin Lavery seeking his fortune in the antipodes, the weather and the lead up to the festive holidays, an announcement from RCHT on the Joint Venture could have gone unnoticed. The RCHT has been sitting on its hands (and I do not blame them) whilst Cornwall Council and its Councillors finished off its coup d’etat and then decide which option it feels is right to enter into.

Now in a letter, the RCHT has made a decision:

RCHT letter

RCHT letter

The leads on to the question of what happens now for the council and the other partners? I am hearing calls from various corners for the whole deal to be scraped because the option the council decided on (6e) is in fact very different from the original tender document. So it could be said the whole process should be re-tendered.

Now lets wait for the reaction from Cornwall Council’s pro-jv gang


  • A benefits assessor

    It’s a dead duck (or turkey if you prefer). Let’s stop
    wasting time and money, throw JV out the window, and get on with
    providing the Cornish with what they deserve – a good service
    provided in house by people who care.

  • A N Other Worker.

    Kevin Lavery’s arrogance and self interest have cost us a
    lot of money and caused enormous damage to staff morale. Time to
    look again at what the Cornish can do for Cornwall – you will find
    it is a great deal more than money grabbing companies and their

  • mick martyn

    very interesting indeed, this doesnt look good and BT must
    be feeling very glum! But i cant help getting back to basics, just
    how can cornwall council save all the money it needs to, next year
    is supposed to be the easy one before larger cuts come from
    government so ‘A benefits assessor’ you must know how your service
    can make cuts of up to 30% without me and other customers suffering
    the consequences????

  • Andrew Wallis

    Mick, the JV would not have had an impact on the budget for 2013, as any partnership would not start until 2014.

    I would say the concern is the spin by central government saying our formula grant will be cut by 1.8%, but has yet to give the details. Once those details have been given, and checked, the council will be in a better position to know how much it has been cut.

    Happy Christmas and keep reading!

  • SL

    Staff that are “in-Scope” have been told that we could
    transfer to BT on Jul 1st 2013, so the partnership could start just
    3 months into 2013/14

  • Johns

    Much as I’d like to see this initiative drift off into the
    distance – even as far as New Zealand most probably, the RCHT
    letter still leaves the question of a joined up ICT solution
    hanging. Any attempt to continue along JV lines to introduce this
    is unhelpful as: The evaporation of RCHT’s only computer capacity
    into a central data centre, renders it almost impossible for the
    Trust to come out of any partnership. It will never be able to
    justify buying its own independendent computers again once these
    have been lost. This deal has beginning to deflate faster than a
    post-christmas balloon. Other bidders pulled out when it morphed
    into something which appeared to be taking over most of Cornwall.
    Now it has changed so radically it must be necessary to re-tender,
    if legal challenges and the resulting further delays are to be
    avoided. Given the RCHT comments about “pace”, I’m prompted to
    wonder why they don’t simply make a DECISION and get on with
    paddling their own canoe.

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