BBC Radio 4 Broadcasts from Porthleven

Social media, the news and the printed media has been awash with coverage of the storms and the impact they have had in Cornwall and my home, Porthleven. The Bickford-Smith Institute (it is not a church media types) has played a prominent part with pictures of the building engulfed in waves. These pictures have gone international. So much so, BBC Radio 4, Today programme contacted me yesterday as they wanted to broadcast from Porthleven.

Mishall Hussian broadcasts to an amazing view

Mishall Hussian broadcasts to an amazing view

The base of operations for the programme was set up in Nauti-but-ice, the ice-cream and coffee parlour who suffered damage from the waves. The owners, Dave and Lucy told me the water was up to the skirting boards. In true Porthleven spirit, they were quickly open again. Various people were interviewed, from Jeremy one of the local fishermen whose boat was in danger, the Harbour Master, Phil, Steve another fisherman whose boat was sunk, and Natalie who is one of the members of Porthleven Coastguard Search and Rescue Team.

Being interviewed.

Being interviewed.

I was also interviews not only to give the view of the impact of the storms on Porthleven, but also the wider impact to Cornwall as a whole. My main points were the Government needs to do more to help, as the damage too many parts of Cornwall’s infrastructure is devastating. More worryingly, more extreme weather is set to hit the Cornish coast this weekend and next week.  

The forecast is bleak, starting with a respite during the day on Friday, before more wet and windy weather moves in late on Friday evening and into the early hours of Saturday morning. There is likely to be between 10-20 mm of rain falling within a six to eight-hour period, which could lead to localised flooding.  This will be accompanied by strong winds, which could reach gusts of between 50 and 65 miles per hour in coastal areas, leading to large waves.

There will be further rain throughout Saturday, with the winds then strengthening to reach 65-70 mph on the coasts, with the potential of gusts of up to 75-80 mph. The high winds and large waves will then slowly decrease over Sunday, although there is still the potential for some heavy showers.  There will be a further respite in the weather during Monday, before more wet and windy weather comes in on Tuesday.

The Environment Agency has carried out works to remove a blockage from the outfall from Loe Bar (Helston) into the sea. A digger is currently on site and has now removed material to establish some flow, enabling a partial discharge. This is welcomed news, as with the heavy rain expected; this could have had serious implications for St. Johns in Helston.

Support has been shown to Porthleven by Skinners Brewery who have kindly donated 5p for every pint of Porthleven beer sold in February. This money will go to the Fisherman’s Association in Porthleven.

Now the only thing we can do is wait and see how the storm impacts on Porthleven and Cornwall.

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