Quiet for a Few Days

Sorry I have been quiet for the last few days, but I have taken some time out from Blogging. The reason is post Strategic Planning my Blog was subject to some abuse. Some of this was very personal on my parentage, and how I had been bought. As normal these people did not have the courage to put their name to the posts. I might have respected them alittle more, but I have no time for people who try to hide behind anom.

I have always tried to write the blog in an open and honest way. Trying to keep you informed of how life as a Cornwall Councillor is. You may not agree with what I write, but this does not give you the right to personally abuse me.

Happily I am now back and will be blogging away like normal.


  • Anonymous

    Glad you are back,sorry to hear someone abused you,no place for that in blogland.Could you now answer the very very polite question you were asked in the "option A" thread.

  • Anonymous

    Well they are cowards and you have the courage of your convictions. I hope they have since come forward.
    Unfortunately I have never worked out how to use my name to post comments – I always get an error msg saying request could not be processed.

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