Public Toilet (Cabinet) Paper Pulled?

It seems the Leader of Cornwall Council has seen the light and flushed (for the time being) this outrageous proposal to cut funding to 114 public toilets down the U-bend. I believe this is down to the huge pressure from Cornwall Councillors and the public. Now this is not definite, but from the Leaders message sent to all Councillors it seems it has been pulled. In this message it quite clearly says:

“We had originally intended to discuss this report at the Cabinet meeting in November but have now agreed to defer the report to enable further consultation to take place before final decisions are made”

This at face value is great news, but hardly surprising due to the outrage this idea to stop funding the toilets has caused. This problem is what does further consultation mean? Will it be along the line of the “take them over or they close” to the parish and town councils? If any local council does agree to take them over; will there be the right financial package in place? Many local council are going to need real convincing if they take them over.

What happens if those small local councils don’t take them on? Will Cornwall Council still fund them? That, is the 64,000 dollar question, and one will be asked over and over again. Just because they are not statutory functions of Cornwall Council does not mean they should just off-load them, or worse, close them. From talking to many people in my area they believe Cornwall Council should fund them.

They also believe money should be set aside to actually keep them up to a decent standard. It is a very good point, but lets win the battle of keeping them open first, before we move on to this issue.

Lets see what this lull brings before the battle recommences.

(btw sorry for all the toilet puns in the first paragraph. I just could not resist them)

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  • Gill Martin

    Hopefully, the leader of the council has realised that the public are not subservient, and will not sit back and let Cornwall suffer the detrimental effects of adverse decisions, without at least constructive efficient consultation.

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