Results from the First Public Exhibition on Proposals for Shrubberies Hill

I now have the results from the first public exhibition on the proposals for mixed-use housing in a field adjacent to Shrubberies Hill in Porthleven. This meeting took place on the 5th October. There was a second meeting in November, but I have not had those figures as yet.

A total of 161 people signed the visitor book at the exhibition and out of that, 99 people left feedback via the forms provided. Though from my understanding the number of visitors actually reached the 200 mark. From those 99 people who left feedback on the day, the split on people’s views is as follows:

Support – 15 (15%)
Support with reservations – 24 (24%)
Unsure – 13 (13%)
Objections – 47 (47%)

The supporters felt the need for the affordable housing, but must be for local people. The objectors highlighted concerns over road and transport issues, strain on the infrastructure, and harm to the character of the village if this proposal was to go ahead. As you can see, the objectors are in the outright majority, but the support (including with reservations) are not far behind. It will be interesting to see and compare the feedback from both exhibitions. I hope to have those new figures in the next few weeks.


  • Gill Martin

    I fail to see how the proposed development would spoil the
    character of the village, after all, that could have been claimed
    years ago when the entire housing development was built above the
    original village properties in the harbour area. People now living
    in those properties should think about how original residents may
    have felt. There is a genuine need for dwellings to be built for
    local needs people and to deny anyone of that chance I believe is
    wrong. In my opinion the character of a village is attained by
    those people living there, it is the community spirit that makes a
    character of a village. There is already a vast amount of different
    properties all of a different architectural designs in Porthleven
    and the proposed development would certainly be in keeping in

  • Chris Smith

    Well said Gill! All over Cornwall I read press letters outraged at proposals for housing from people who I know from long experience enjoy the privilege of living in houses which 10, 20, 30 years ago were causing equal outrage when they were first proposed. The logical conclusion of most objectors is that we should all still be living in caves, all 60 million of us, as any new build will change the appearance of the landscape and add pressure on existing infrastructure. And here’s another wildcard. Well done Andrew Wallis for bringing these consultations to a wider public and for approaching proposals with an open mind. The bald figures from this consultation here suggest 55 broadly in favour and 69 against. BUT if you add the number of people who would occupy these houses to those totals, people who be definition would support their provision, you’d see a very different picture, a clear majority in favour. The problem with all consultations is that they are unable to question those who would benefit from the proposal as they can’t be identified in advance of the homes being built.

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