Proposed 40mph Speed Limit for the Porthleven to Helston Road

I previously blogged about changes to the speed limits in Porthleven. This proposal is on the larger scale and if implemented will change the whole B3304 from Porthleven to Helston from 60mph to 40mph.

I am not sure everyone will be in agreement, but that is what a consultation is for. As even if it not met with widespread approval, I am sure some elements could be introduced like the reduction of speed leading up to Penrose corner and the hill down towards the boating lake. Then again, from experience of driving along this stretch of road, you would rarely get about 45mph; so this could not be that much of a change.

Anyway, as I said before, Please take part in the consultation, by going HERE and giving your views online, or send me those views via letter or email and I will make sure they get to the right place. The consultation runs from 8th November till 29th November.




  • Gill Martin

    Porthleven Road. Something definitely needs to be done about the speed limit, on Wed I witnessed a small child about 2 or 3 years old, run straight out of the park across the crossing alone. The car descending down the hill was only travelling at approx 40mph and managed to stop in the 30 limit so the child was safe. A minute later could have been a different story with a vehicle travelling at Approx 60. The vehicles should be doing 30 anyway at that point, however, the reality is that many vehicles come down the hill at 60 and do not slow in time for the park entrance crossing. Additionally some vehicles speed excessively up the hill.

  • Gill Martin

    Incidentally it was luck that the child actually ran across the crossing. That crossing has certainly been welcomed by all who use it including myself and my elderly mother.

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