Pre-application submitted for Hotel on ‘Breageside’ of Porthleven Harbour

The proposal for a hotel on the Breageside area of the harbour has been mooted for as long as I can remember. Yet despite the rumours of it happening, nothing materialised. Until now.

The owner of the harbour has submitted a pre-application proposal for a 14 bed ‘arts hotel’ with a café/bar and restaurant, exhibition gallery and workshop. The pre-app number is PA17/03203/PREAPP. The documentation can be found HERE via the Cornwall Council planning portal and therefore in the public domain.

Like all pre-applications, there will be advice given in planning terms and from that advice the applicant can either take or ignore that advice and submit a full planning application. In any full application the public can give their comment.

As with most pre-apps, much of the detail is confidential. Therefore, apart from the information contained within the pre-app documentation, I have no further information.

The only information I have is contained within the associated documentation. In that documentation, there is no on-site parking for guests. Any guest will have to park in the yet to be built – or planning application submitted – car park and other building along Methleigh Bottoms. Guest will be chauffeured between the hotel and car park (in practical terms I am not sure this will work).


  • I thought the lime kiln was a listed building?

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    My first reaction is I appreciate the concept of the proposal, for which to provide an increased draw to the arts in Porthleven. However, as there is no inclusion of parking then I think it is unsuitable for the location. I believe it will cause highways issues with the likelihood of people being dropped off and picked up, in what can already be, a congested narrow harbourside road. I think it will have a detrimental visual effect on the history and character of the Lime Kiln, and be disproportionately unfair competition to existing hoteliers.
    Why not site the hotel in the location for which the parking is planned. It may not then have sea views, but there are currently two other hotels that provide those.

  • Kirsty Murray-lambrou

    Will this have an impact on the lime kiln area being used for a stage area for the food festival? A small niggle I know but one that popped into my head. Will the building see more restrictions for the area in general?

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