Pre-app for a building complex for Harbour Rd and Shute Lane

Ok, I hope you are sitting when you see this, but following on from the Shipyard application, there is another application for another large building that will fundamentally change the harbour area. The pre-app plan is for a merchant hall, shops, artist lofts, restaurant, 10 flats, a tower and what looks like a ‘gate house’.

This is not a full application, but a pre-application which aims to establish the principle of development and what could be accepted in an area. The development of this area is nothing new, as there was plans for this site back in 2000.

For those who do not know what a pre-app is, basically, an applicant puts in their plans (have to pay for it) and they are given advice on whether it would be acceptable in planning terms. From this advice, the applicant can then submit a plan with any changes (or not) that have been suggested. It is important to note, there are no public comments, but I wanted to let residents know.

Pre-apps are generally public documents to view, and details on this pre-app can be found HERE

Harbour Rd view

The floor plan

The view along Shute Lane


  • Moira Withington

    Too large. Is the Horse and Jockey Building and the Board going to be demolished ? I thought the harbour was a conservation area.

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Perhaps you should have saved this blog post for April 1st 🙂

  • Sarah Tresidder

    Poor old Porthleven has already lost so much of its historic charm. this is no a necessary change to the area, it is merely cashing in one all the money his is making from buying up houses as they come on the market to build his holiday complex portfolio. The old round house on the corner disappeared suddenly too, this is a feature that is becoming more and more rare. This is Cornwall not costa del sol

  • Malcolm Eddy

    The old coal yard as been ripe for development for years, but this way over the top and totally out of keeping with the village, local people must resist this type of development at all cost.

  • jim werren

    looks awesome,love it.

  • Ruby C. R.

    I wonder if the fact the horse and jockey bakers is up for sale has any connection!

  • Malcolm Eddy

    I would bet that the architect as not visited Porthleven, just look at the Yatchs in the drawings all geared to money. Yes the area requires development if only to tidy it up. I would suggest it be sympathetic with the surrounding properties, how about some shops and flats or cottages with a percentage for local people with help to buy. Some of shops could be double fronted looking into harbour and looking into the centre of a pubic area in the centre could be a bandstand. The youth club could be situated where Johnny and Clifford Thomas had their builders yard.

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