Possible new sculpture for Porthleven to commemorate the storms of 2014

The owner of Porthleven’s Harbour, Trevor Osborne, wants to commemorate the storms of 2014 with a sculpture by using one of the broken wooden baulks that are used to protect the inner-harbour and the moored boats. Two of these baulks shattered by the immense power of the those storms, which led to the sea to reign havoc in the inner-harbour.

The sculpture is being designed by Lucinda Burgess. Subject to planning, the position of the sculpture is set to be on the Quay over near Black Sands, in front of  The Ship Inn.

At present, there is no formal planning application submission, but a pre-planning application has been submitted that would advise if this type of structure is in-principle supported by planning policy. From this advice, the applicant can submit a formal planning application, taking on board any suggestions by amending the design, or not submitting at all. So at present, I am just sharing this for information.

Here is the design that is currently subject to the pre-app process.


The prefered location of the sculpture

The prefered location of the sculpture

Now the concept is that a seat will be placed against the wall and as you sit a look out towards the Institute, the box that is formed by the metal and wood ‘frames’ and puts the most iconic building in Porthleven in a picture against the broken baulk. I will say I am no art expert, but I would say this is very contemporary in its design.

So what do you think of the concept? Like, hate or left a little confused on the message?

For me, if there was something to remember the storms, this isn’t what I would have imagined. It does not tell the story of the community. Then again, I am no artist.



  • Michele Matthews

    I love it ! There is nothing wrong with contemporary. ……the fact that the baulk will be used is iconic and thought provoking. Great idea !

  • In my humble opinion, that is not really what I think people want to see in a place like Porthleven.

  • Sonia Sjoholm

    I love the way it echoes the shape of the town clock which can be viewed through .Very clever ! what else would you do that links our icon . Brilliant choice Well done the artist understands that when People think of Porthleven this the first image in their mind

  • Gilly Zella Martin

    Personally, I think unless a plaque of some description accompanies the ‘sculpture’, very few people will actually realise the significance of it!

    In my view it loosely resembles a water height marker!

  • Julia Schofield

    I like it very much:. discreet, telling and appropriate.. And really pleased that that melancholy time when the harbour was bare of boats for so long and no-one could go out is to be marked in some way..

  • Gary

    I think the idea is a great idea as is the location, whilst I openly admit to not getting modern art, I can see no relationship to this and the storm other than the material’s its made from.

    The big issue I have is that the artist / sculpture is not logical, she is from Bath.

    We should be using local artists for a project like this – perhaps there should have been 10 submissions and then we could have simple voted to choose the best one and moved forward.

    However at the end of the day its Trevor’s property, his money and therefore his decision not ours

  • Deb

    I love the idea that the storm will be remembered and the use of the baulk. The concept of framing the Clock tower is also brilliant.
    However the actual sculpture is not really to my taste – and I would worry that without a sign people would wonder what it is. I am no artist but perhaps if there was some actual sculpting involved perhaps with the frame representing a wave then that would help.

  • John

    The principle of a memorial is good and do is the location but the design shown a bit stark and lacking imagination.

  • chris

    not a fan ! and why are we commemorating a storm ? don’t we get enough of them?

  • David

    I agree with Chris. How many storms have there been over the years! Apart from that and the huge media hype that surrounded it,very little difference.
    I have no problem with contemporary design but this is just another ploy to “enhance” Porthleven as the “New Padstow/Rock” with it’s unnecessary trappings to encourage even more second homes.
    As to the image itself, the words “emperors New Clothes” springs to mind. No doubt another grant will pay an extortionate amount to an artist for a very ordinary and boring piece of “work”!
    In my opinion a total waste of time and money in all respects! It will be just another chip away from what made Porthleven special until those that think purely in financial terms will change it into one big tourist park that offers nothing different from other parts of the country.

  • Rob Donovan

    Well said David, don’t turn a beautiful place into another Padstine. You already have the restaurant that sticks out like a sore thumb at night.
    If you want a memorial to the storm make the shattered bualk into a bench seat, with aa plaque.

  • Joe

    I don’t really see what concern it is of anyone that doesn’t live in the port. It looks what it is, a bit of broken wood stuck on a bit of old metal.

  • Steve

    Rather a spiteful comment to say it’s of no concern to those that don’t live in the port especially when it’s obvious to most that not all the commenters on here do live in the port. If it wasn’t for visitors to the port spending their money here the businesses wouldn’t be doing too well. The rather bizarrely named sculpture is just another step away from what made Porthleven favourably different. It will soon be like a second Flambards.

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