Porthleven’s Missing Recycling Bags

I know many people have not yet received their new recycling bags. This issue was raised at today’s Cornwall Council Cabinet, and the Portfolio Holder gave a statement that could go some way to address this issue.

Those assembled were told those who were missed would be getting theirs delivered in the next few weeks. However, as much as this sound great, how will they know who have been missed? I say this because in Porthleven the delivery of these bags and boxes was a little ad-hoc. So it will be interesting to see how this will be accomplished.

The good news is a limited number of recycling bag and boxes will be available in the One Stop Shops. You could also ring the council and asked for either your initial issue, or if you have been lucky enough to receive some, ask for more. I would suggest these two options would be probably the best way to ensure you get the bags and boxes.

Failing that, if those within my Electoral Division are still having difficulties, get in touch and I will sort it for you.

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