Porthleven Waves: The Perfect Picture; or a Watery Death?

For the last few weeks, Porthleven has seen some really great waves. More astonishing is these waves have not happened in winter, but in summer. I like many people enjoy watching waves and awe at the sheer power of the sea. Even though I enjoy watching the waves, I do so with huge respect for the sea. In the past too many people have been lost to the seas off Porthleven. A few of these whilst watching the waves.

Friday saw more of these huge waves hit the coast of Porthleven. Like many others I stood there watching as each wave crashed upon the sea defences. What surprised and shocked me, is people where standing in places that I would only ever think about standing on with the tide out, and the sea calm.

These people must have left their brains somewhere else, or how else can you explain the sheer stupidity of their actions. They are not only putting their lives in danger, but also those of the Coastguards, RNLI and Royal Navy personnel who will attempt in almost any condition to save you.

Please, please think, or else the sea will kill you if you do not respect it.

Waves hitting Porthleven

Very stupid people watching waves at Porthleven

A fool watching the waves

The perfect picture, or a watery death?



  • Gill Martin

    Must surely be holiday makers, can’t imagine locals being that stupid. Is it worth putting warning notices in holiday lets, seeing as many people seem to be lacking in common sense.

  • Martine Knight on Facebook

    Sadly it’s often locals. Somethings nevver change – i can remember back in the 1990’s being on duty down there in similar storms and idiots were doing exactly the same thing – some to loot the old off licence which used to alongside the harbour!

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