Porthleven Town Council supports changes to the dog ban on Porthleven beach

img_1639At the December meeting of Porthleven Town Council I brought an item to discuss the issue of the current dog ban on Porthleven West Sands and whether under the current consultation period to change the timings and period. To recap, HERE is the previous blog on this subject.

The outcome of the debate is the Town Council will formally request changes to the dog ban. If Cornwall Council accepts the changes, the dog ban will not start till 1st May and ends on the 30th September. The ban will not come into force till 8am and will stop at 7pm each day during the ban period.

I believe these are sensible changes to the current ban period and was happy to propose these changes. I will now be submitting these changing as will the town council to Cornwall Council.

I will keep you informed of the outcome of the request.


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