Porthleven Town Council Needs You!

Porthleven Town Council has now publicly advertised the two town councillor positions which were not filled at the recent local elections in May this year. Those interested are requested to send a letter/email to the town clerk by no later than the 26th June. In that correspondence, candidates should outline any information they feel is relevant to the becoming a town councillor.

For me it is very disappointing these two positions were not filled at the elections. Many people can sometime have a lot to say, but when it comes to actually stepping forward and becoming part of the solution you can (metaphorically) see the tumbleweed roll past. The good news is Porthleven Town Council does have two new members. So it could have been a lot worse.

Hopefully the town council will see a host of applicants for these two positions. However, I will settle for just two; as that way we can at least have a full complement at the town council.

For more information you can ring the town clerk on: 01326 573154

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