Porthleven Town Council – Joint Bid for Money

You may wonder why I attend and sit on so many Panels and Committees at Cornwall Council. The reason is you need to attend to find out what is going on, and to make sure anything that could be a benefit to Porthleven and Helston South is directed in that direction. People often complain that there is no money available, but this is not strictly true, you just need to know where it is all kept and hidden.

One of those Panels I sit on is the Tourism Panel and like it or not, Porthleven is a tourist destination. Many people are employed within this industry, sadly many only on a short term seasonal bases. At last nights Porthleven Town Council meeting I presented a piece of work that has come through the Tourism Panel.

This is called Cornwall Seaside Towns Program. 12 towns have been shortlisted to bid for £400,000. It might not seem a lot to go around, but I believe not all town will be successful and receive this money. To be successful a town will have to submit a plan that would show that this money would be best spent in their town.

Any plan submitted will have to meet a certain criteria and that principle will be:

• Seaside towns asked to develop a package of initiatives/actions (capital & revenue) which will improve the visitor (and local community) experience
• Town Councils to lead the programme in their town
• Town Councils to ensure linkages with other opportunities/initiatives
• Clear demonstration of linkage to wider strategy and vision for the town
• Mix of seaside funds and other funding e.g. Town Council and private sector
• Civic Pride/Public Realm improvements combined with worklessness/skills/training activities
• Clear evidence of substantive support from appropriate private and public sector partners

The Town Council discussed who would be the best organisation to link up with who would meet the criteria. It was felt (and voted on) that the Porthleven Food Festival Committee would be the ideal partner. Four Porthleven Town Councillors, including me, will form a working group and invite the same number of members from the festival committee to join up and work on a bid. Time is critical as any bid will have to be submitted by July, with the final decision made in December 2011.

I am very confident that we will be able to submit a couple of bids as I believe we stand a very good chance of winning some of this money. If we do win, it would be a real boost for Porthleven.

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  • Anonymous

    While it will be an excellent thing for the town to receive funding for improvements to the village, I hope the improvements will be ones that are for the benefit of long term villagers and not just money spent on fleeting visitors. The village is almost nearly a holiday resort as it is, with a larger percentage of properties owned by holiday companies or private investors. Certainly if it gets into the hands of the likes of Osborn, who's only interest is generating profit from the numbers of visitors at the expense of the local community, such funding will only further detract from locals and serve to increase the negative view of visitors to our fair town.

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