Porthleven Town Council Honours Noel Perry

Last night, Porthleven Town Council honoured the long serving West Briton journalist Noel Perry. Noel has written about the community for the last 30 years. He has seen it, done it, and wrote about it. He is an outstanding journalist, who always wrote a story fairly and factually.

The town council in collusion with Noel’s wife got Noel to the Atlantic Inn in Porthleven. He had no idea and was shocked when he saw the majority of the council there waiting. The members of the town council put on a small buffet (paid out of their own pockets) for Noel to say thank you.

The highest honour the town council can give, is one of its town plaques. And last night the Mayor of Porthleven, Mark Berryman presented Noel with one, along with the town council’s sincere thanks for all the work Noel has carried out for the last 30 years. Noel was very humbled by this, and said a few words of thanks.

He will be missed, and whoever replaces Noel at the West Briton, has very big boots to fill. Thank you Noel.


The Mayor presents the Porthleven Town Council plaque to Noel Perry


  • Kath

    Noel has been a good friend to myself and my daughter Lily, always quick to step in and do a news story when it’s been needed. I have always been struck by his integrity. He is an honest man who will be missed at the West Briton.
    Thank you Noel for always doing right by us

  • Chris

    I hope his replacement will have the intelligence to research local news stories fully, and not be in it to sell copy at whatever cost! All the best to you Noel

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