Porthleven Town Council give financial support to Fishermens Association

Last night, at the monthly meeting of Porthleven Town Council, the Council unanimously supported a request from the Porthleven Fishermen’s Association for financial help.

The ‘standard’ grant is for £50, but for this occasion, the Council decided to give £1,000 to the association to enable them to get back on their feet.

I have also agreed to give at least £500 out of my Community Fund. Both these amounts of money will not cover the huge cost the association has incurred, but will go some way to help. Plus, these grants can be used for matched-funding to other pots of money.

Futhermore, there are various fund raising events in Porthleven this weekend. Two are at the Atlantic this Saturday, with a coffee morning and then auction with more fundraising in the evening.

It is fantastic that Cornwall’s Skinners Brewery will be donating 5p for every pint of Porthleven Beer sold in February and this money will all money going to the association. Not going to encourage people to drink more, but if you see Porthleven Beer, please drink it instead of your normal tipple.

I am also getting inquiries from regular visitors and holidays makers to Porthleven who also want to donate. This is heartening as it is not only the residents who love and feel a sense of community, but also those who visit want to help too.

If anyone wishes to make a donation, please send it to the Atlantic Inn, Porthleven.

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