Porthleven Town Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor

As happens every year, Porthleven Town Council elects a new Mayor and Deputy Mayor for the forthcoming civic year.

For the last year this position has been held by Councillor Mark Berryman. Being a Mayor is no easy task, it is not just about turning up and cutting ribbons. There is a lot of back office functions, meeting people and running meetings. From my experience, Mark has done a good job in some difficult subjects. And now Mark has ‘retired’ to the ‘back benches’ I would like to thank Mark for all his work.

The new Mayor of Porthleven is from yesterday evening is Councillor Daniel Williams. Daniel has been the Deputy Mayor for the previous year.


Councillor Daniel Williams, the new Mayor of Porthleven

Porthleven has a new Deputy Mayor too. This position is now held by Councillor Barbara Powell.


Councillor Barbara Powell – The Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

I would like to offer my best wishes to both Daniel and Barbara who will do a fantastic job of representing Porthleven near and far.


The Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Porthleven

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