Porthleven Town Council and Spending Tax Payer’s Money

In last week’s West Briton there was an article following Porthleven Town Council (PTC) monthly meeting. This was to do with a request by the authors of the Harbour to Harbour book for financial support. I feel that as I was present at that meeting a few points need to be re-clarified to dispel any misunderstanding, especially post this weeks letters page of the same newspaper.
At the monthly meeting of PTC there is an item on the Agenda for people, groups or organisations to make a request for a grant. Generally the Council is supportive of most applications as long as they have a direct link to Porthleven.
The town council received a request by the authors of Harbour to Harbour for a grant. They gave no indication as to how much, and did not turn up to explain their position, even though they were invited. The ‘standard’ grant is £50 and last year the authors received double this standard grant.
This book is a fantastic success and raised a lot of money for a worthy cause. The Town Council even brought one of the hardback copies (£50) as it felt it was a good snapshot of Porthleven. It does however; have to make sure any money it spends is justified. No matter how good the cause is.
The Town Council did not turn down the application for a grant. It merely wanted to know how much the authors wanted and therefore was seeking clarification. It could have just said here is the standard grant and saved itself some of this negativity. But In fact, it wanted to give at least near quadruple (£180) the standard grant.
Again, it did not turn down the application, but just wanted clarification to how much was being requested. It is sad that this clarification has been seen in this light, but it does show that the town council takes the time when spending tax payer’s money. I will also add that the authors have withdrawn their application. Which I think this is regrettable.

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    In that case why was the application even put on the agenda? Surely the Clerk to the Council should have spotted, a few days prior to the meeting, the fact that no specific amount had been requested and either contacted the applicants for more information or postponed the application until next month's meeting?

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