Porthleven Town Council and Public Toilets

The September meeting of Porthleven Town Council  meeting took place last night. One of the items on the agenda was the public toilets in Porthleven. As I have blogged before Cornwall Council wants to save a lot of money from this service; one way could be to hand these toilets to town and parish councils.

I explained that Porthleven Town Council could take on the toilets as either as a package of others services, or on their own, or ask for the status quo to continue. All of the options were debated, but it came down to why, and the extra costs the people would have to incurr on their precept if these facilities were transferred.

Cornwall Council kindly supplied more up to date figures concerning the running costs for the two toilets in Porthleven. The new revised figures came to nearly £15,000. This equates to 21% of the current precept of Porthleven.

It was commented that whilst Cornwall Council has no statutory duty to provide these facilities, it should because of its moral duty for the benefit of resident or visitor. After all, it is what is expected of the Local Authority. Another point was of double taxation in the case of extra town council precept by no reduction in the  Cornwall Council precept.

The extra administration costs were mentioned too. This extra burden on to the Clerk would add to the costs; as any work that needs to be carried out would require skilled tradesmen. Most town councils do not have fully employed maintenance staff, unlike Cornwall Council.

At the end of the debate about vote was taken, and the outcome of that was to request Cornwall Council to carry on providing these facilities. The question is, will Cornwall Council respect this view and continue to provide this facility, or just close the toilets down?

Time will tell I guess.

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